Spring 2013

Spring 2013

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Monday, April 1, 2013

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Everyone Wins at NCHE Athletic Commission Events

My family and I attended the recent NCHE Athletic Commission (NCHEAC) regional and state basketball tournaments. As always we found this to be a fun experience for the whole family. The NCHEAC does a great job putting together the basketball tournaments as well as those for other sports.

From the President
How to Start a Nursing Home Ministry

This information accompanies the article: Benefits of participating in Nursing Home Ministry.

Benefits of Participating in a Nursing Home Ministry

Although we live in a society that honors youth, it is God's command to honor the elderly. Often older people are seen as burdens instead of blessings. It is important to realize that these men and women are someone's sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.

Family Life
Coping with the Unthinkable

We’ve been a homeschool family for over seventeen years, and one of our four children became a drug addict. Shocking, isn’t it? We certainly experienced shock. Your mind is probably anxious to know the reason, so you will be able to protect your own children from such a fate.

2013 NCHE Athletic Commission Holds Second Annual State Swim Meet

On February 9, NCHE Athletic Commission (NCHEAC) sponsored the second annual state swim meet with fifty-two swimmers representing teams in Asheville, Clinton and Raleigh, along with seven independent swimmers from various areas of the state.

My Advice to Single Homeschooling Parents: Press On!

Sometimes in life things get thrown at you, and they knock the wind out of you. As you find yourself on the ground, surrounded by circumstances that never should have happened, you find it easy to question your decisions and limit your life to the manageable and safe.

Encouragement, Family Life
Surveying the Sites

Not everyone has the time to scavenge around the Internet to find informative, fun, and educational websites for their family to enjoy. That’s why we offer this column. By dividing it into four sections, we work towards our goal—to provide something for everyone.

Practical Helps

A poem

Family Life
Loving the Differences in Our Children

When Chris and I first became parents just over twenty-four years ago, we didn’t know a thing about raising children for the Lord. So we embarked on a literary journey to see what the experts had to say about biblical parenting.

Two Homeschool Styles: The Same Homeschool Benefits

I am blessed to be raising a family of second-generation homeschoolers. My husband, Paul, was homeschooled as a missionary kid growing up in Korea and loved it, so we knew before we got married that we would homeschool our children.

Methods, Reasons to Homeschool
NCHEAC Basketball Champions Played in February

The 2013 NCHE Athletic Commission Basketball Championships were played in February. February 15-16 the eastern regional took place in Wake Forest, while the western regional was in Winston-Salem. The top two teams in each division advanced to the state final four at Greensboro College on February 22-23.