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10 Jun 2015
Jen Greenholt
Spring 2015
How to Study Science as Leonardo da Vinci

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Thomas Jefferson and John D. Rockefeller have in common? Not all of these individuals were professional scientists, but all of them used the same simple tool of scientific inquiry to pursue their passions: a notebook.

Science, Practical Helps, Methods
3 Jun 2015
Susannah Wares
Graduate 2015
Letter to Homeschool Grads

“Hi. My name is Susannah, and I’m homeschooled.” It’s kind of weird not having to say that anymore when people ask me where I’m going to school.

Graduation, Alumni
27 May 2015
Jonathan Paul Shockey
Spring 2015
Are You Considering Military Service?

Spring is the time to take action if a home-educated child is interested in a military academy nomination or a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship leading to a commission as a military officer.

Practical Helps, High School
20 May 2015
Kevin McClain
Graduate 2015
Kevin’s Kluge, Graduation: a Time for Rest and Respect

It's graduation time, and I have the annual privilege of congratulating another group of young adults and their parents on successfully completing the marathon of providing and receiving a secondary education. It's a great thing to be a graduate.

From the President, Graduation
13 May 2015
Cindy Townsend
Graduate 2015
Reflections of a Reluctantly Retired Homeschool Mom

There I was, two years after my youngest had graduated from high school, walking through the annual NCHE book fair. This was the third NCHE conference that I’d attended with no one to buy for and nowhere to apply my new knowledge from all the wonderful workshops. What torture!

From the Archives, Empty Nest, Graduation
6 May 2015
Jessica Thompson
Spring 2015
Of the Lord

“Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4

“Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged.” Colossians 3:21

Parenting, Faith
29 Apr 2015
Pat Brewer
Spring 2015
Clearing Up Testing Misconceptions

As someone who deals daily with questions and concerns about testing homeschoolers, I have encountered a number of misconceptions and some erroneous information concerning testing of homeschoolers.

Practical Helps, Testing
22 Apr 2015
Debra Bell
Spring 2015
What I Wish I’d Known—about Homeschooling

My son Michael wasn’t all that thrilled to be homeschooled the first year we started. He gave me a month and then took matters into his own hands. He said we needed to set a schedule. We were doing something different every day!

Practical Helps, Encouragement, Perspective
15 Apr 2015
Kevin McClain
Spring 2015
Kevin’s Kluge: A Busy Season

It has been a busy season for the organization, and the busyness reinforces my belief that NCHE serves a critical need among North Carolinians.

From the President, Inside NCHE
8 Apr 2015
Herb McClintick
Winter 2015
Go Fish

Go Fish! is a children’s card game I played a couple times in my youth, around sixty years ago. For my father, Go Fish was not a card game, it was an adventure. He loved to fish. When I was a boy, he went fishing whenever he could.

Activities, Family Life, Practical Helps
1 Apr 2015
Spencer Mason
Spring 2015
Homeschool Children: A Risk to Other Children?

Three large multi-state outbreaks of measles in the US have prompted numerous articles about the need for children to be vaccinated. Many of the articles have been critical of parents who choose not to have their children immunized against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR).

Law & Policy
25 Mar 2015
Steve Lambert
Winter 2015
Trophy Wives and Trophy Children

We’re all familiar with the term trophy wife. This term usually involves the rich, worldly man who chooses to marry not for love, but rather to show off a suitable trophy among his friends and business partners.

Encouragement, Perspective, Fathers, Parenting
18 Mar 2015
Michael Hardy
Winter 2015
Experience History in North Carolina!

Smoke drifts from a campfire, mingling with the smells emanating from a black kettle suspended above it. A group of children of diverse ages draws near to what appears to be a vision from the past—someone dressed as a Civil War soldier or maybe an eighteenth century longhunter. "Are you going to eat that?" one young scholar inquires. "Did you really sleep out here last night?" "Is that gun real?" The questions often come as quickly as they can be answered, and one answer can generate another host of questions.

History, Field Trips, NC Treasures
11 Mar 2015
Debra Bell
Winter 2015
Eight Reasons Kids Learn Best at Home

After I finished homeschooling our kids, I headed back to school myself to complete a Ph.D. in educational psychology. I wanted to know how kids learn best. Wouldn’t that be helpful information for homeschooling moms and dads?

Reasons to Homeschool
4 Mar 2015
Dr. Matthew McDill
Winter 2015
How to Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress

Have you ever been doing laundry and thought, “I really should be doing school with the kids right now?” Have you ever been talking with your children and realized that you were not really listening?

Encouragement, Goals, Family Life
25 Feb 2015
Matt Bianco
Winter 2015
The Strange Case of the Curious Child

When my children were little, I remember watching my wife sitting with one of them in her lap and flipping through the pages of a book. My child would point to a picture in the book and ask, “What’s that?” My wife would reply, “A cow,” then turn the page.

Reasons to Homeschool
18 Feb 2015
Diane Helfrich
Winter 2015
Community Service: Get Involved (and Keep Records!)

I recently wrote a post to the NCHE Facebook page on community service, and it sparked such an interest that I decided to expound a bit more in this article for GREENHOUSE. Community service is an important part of living.

High School, Activities, Preparing for College, Character
11 Feb 2015
J. Mark Fox
Winter 2015
One Way to Remember How Blessed You Are

Cindy and I shared some ideas about building a strong marriage with younger couples in the church recently, and I told this story from Greg Smalley:

Marriage, Biblical Principles, Family Life
4 Feb 2015
Lorie Codispoti
Winter 2015
Surveying the Sites

We’ve been busy surveying the Internet for websites that you will enjoy. Our goal is to provide something for everyone so we’ve organized these fun, informative, and educational sites into four categories for you to explore.

Helpful Websites
28 Jan 2015
Amanda Garner
Winter 2015
Sitting Alone

My husband is the full-time pastor at our church where we have been serving for nine years. When the Lord first called us to this sweet congregation, we had only three young children (four, five and seven).

Encouragement, Family Life, Empty Nest
21 Jan 2015
Katherine Barnett
Winter 2015
Homeschooling for Life

“This feels just like what I’ve done all my life!” wailed my eighteen-year-old son. He was working on an assignment for an online college history course that he was taking the fall after high school graduation.

Encouragement, Biblical Principles, Faith
14 Jan 2015
Tanya Dickens
Winter 2015
The Value of Homeschool Community

The only thing better than the family you're born in is the family you choose. Born an only child, I learned to be content entertaining myself. Not one to surround myself with an entourage of friends, I'm completely comfortable shopping, dining and traveling alone.

Socialization, Community. Support
7 Jan 2015
Kevin McClain
Winter 2015
Kevin’s Kluge: Thoughts on the History of Education, Technology and Socialization

This article is late to the editor and somewhat cobbled together (therefore, truly a kluge). Originally I was just going to write about the history of schooling, how changes in technology helped place new emphasis on socialization as a responsibility of schools.

From the President, Editorial, History, Parenting
31 Dec 2014
Socorro Hernandez-Hinek
Fall 2014
Homeschool Artists: How to Prepare an Art Portfolio

As a professor of fine art for over twenty years, I have often reflected on the most meaningful contributions of my career, asking myself, “What is the most worthwhile, and useful contribution I have given to young and hopeful art students?” Having worked with hundreds of young studen

Art, College, Practical Helps
23 Dec 2014
Lorie Codispoti
Fall 2014
Surveying the Sites

We’ve been busy surveying the Internet for websites that you will enjoy. Our goal is to provide something for everyone so we’ve organized these fun, informative, and educational sites into four categories for you to explore.

Helpful Websites
17 Dec 2014
Dr. Matthew McDill
Fall 2014
How Does God Want Us to Handle Conflict?

Have you had a fight with someone you love this week? Unfortunately, most of us have. It is amazing how we can experience so much joy and so much frustration from one relationship! We can enjoy the fellowship and love and cooperation. But relationships are also difficult. We often do not agree.

Family Life, Biblical Principles, Faith
10 Dec 2014
Kim Hyland
Fall 2014
A Cautionary Word

I'm a homeschool mom.

This is a title I have claimed for over a decade, through two graduations and countless joys and tears—mine and my pupils'.

Encouragement, Perspective
3 Dec 2014
Debbie Crawford, Joanne Giff
Fall 2014
Single Parent Homeschooling—Are You Crazy?


Encouragement, Single Parents
26 Nov 2014
Fall 2014
Mollie Hensley Wins Writers Award Four Years in a Row

Mollie Hensley, age nine, was recently named the first place winner of the third grade entries in the 2014 UNC-TV's PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest. She has won first place in her grade for the last three years and won second place during her kindergarten year.

In the Spotlight
19 Nov 2014
Lisa Bailey
Fall 2014
Celebrating the Teachable Moments

What is your favorite thing about a to-do list? Is it the calming pursuit of listing; all the necessary tasks to be accomplished; the knowledge that you will not forget something important; or maybe the sheer symmetry of the bullet points?

Encouragement, Perspective