Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony Package is a way to have homeschool administrators (the parents) participate with a graduate (the son or daughter) in the NCHE graduation ceremony.

NCHE membership is required to participate. If you are not already a member, click here to join. 

The Package includes:

  • Standardized NCHE green gown and mortorboard hat with gold and green tassel for the graduate to wear in the ceremony (required for ceremony participation)
  • Commencement address
  • Diploma
  • Stage time in the ceremony for home educator(s) to award graduate diploma
  • One rose for the graduate to award his or her educator(s), an NCHE graduation tradition


This is a diploma issued by your school for your student. It is prepared by NCHE, and in addition, it is signed by the NCHE president.

NCHE prints a distinctive homeschool diploma enclosed in a hunter green cover. This diploma includes the student’s name, school name, and graduation date. The homeschool chief administrator will be responsible for signing the diploma to certify that the student has completed high school. Students who are participating in the NCHE graduation ceremony will be awarded the diploma by their parents.

Honor Cord

If your senior is graduating with a 3.75 GPA or higher, or you want to recognize your senior for outstanding work, you can commemorate this achievement with an optional gold honor cord to be worn during the graduation ceremony. It will be mailed to you with the cap and gown.

NOTE: The graduate’s attire must be the NCHE hunter green gown and cap with gold and green tassel (purchased in the grad package). A cap and gown from a previous NCHE graduate may NOT be used. Failure to comply with the dress code forfeits ceremony participation.  With the exception of the NCHE Honor cord, graduation accessories are not allowed. Ceremony participants will receive their cap and gown by mail two to three weeks prior to the ceremony. Additional information will be emailed.


BASE PRICE: $205. The price is composed of taxable and tax-free portions, each are required.

An Honor Cord increases the price by $12.
Note: Homeschools may provide their own honor cords with approval. Email a picture of the honor cord to for approval.

For more information about the graduation ceremony, click here.

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The primary contact is a parent, legal guardian or a member of the graduate's household per Article 39 of Chapter 115C of the general statutes of the State of North Carolina.
Parent, legal guardian or member of the household
A confirmation email will be sent to this email address.
A confirmation email will be sent to this email address.
Special Assistance
Each graduate and his/her parents will participate in the ceremony by crossing a stage. Please let us know if you need special assistance. Explain with as much detail as you deem necessary.
Diploma Information
The following information is used to produce the diploma. Please enter the required information as it should be formatted for the diploma.
The homeschool issuing the diploma, as it should be printed on the diploma
The city in which the school is located
The state in which the school is located
First name of the graduating student
If the student has more than three names, put their middle names here.
The last name of the graduating student
The student's graduation date -

NOTE: The Graduation Date will appear on diploma. It will be formatted in Day of Month, Name of Month, Year.
For example: Fourth day of June in the year of our Lord two thousand seventeen

Cap and Gown
Please provide student’s height and weight to determine the proper gown size, i.e. Ht: 5' 7" Wt: 122 Lbs.
If your senior is graduating with a 3.75 GPA or higher, for an additional fee, you can recognize his or her achievement with a gold honor cord to be worn during the graduation ceremony. It will be mailed with the cap and gown.
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