Activities in the Vendor Hall

Lego History Timeline (Tapestry of GraceBooth 3)
Tapestry of Grace will have a fabulous history timeline in Lego mini figures for the kids to play with and see how many characters they know.

Flight Simulator (Civil Air PatrolBooth 46)
Civil Air Patrol will have a flight simulator available, so stop by and try out your flying skills.

Scramble Game (Total Language PlusBooth 47)
Total Language Plus will have a kid friendly spelling/vocabulary/critical thinking letter scramble game for kids to play.

Learn to Solder (Applied Inspirations, LLC—Booth 81)
Have you wanted your children to learn how to solder but either did not know how or find the time to teach them? This life-skill will be taught during the entire convention. Do not miss this opportunity for your child to learn how to solder as well as some basic electronics. This activity is for ages 6 to adult.

Fun Character Coloring Sheets (Learn to Spell and Read with Miss LetterlyBooth 136)
Miss Letterly will host an array of fun character coloring sheets featuring friendly teachers, lovable animals and many favorite letters from the playground of Sunshine Elementary!