2017 Thrive! Conference Workshop Schedule

Interest Codes for Talks                                                                                                              

G               General interest to all parents                                                                    T               Teens and alums
B               Beginners and inquirers                                                                              L               Parents of struggling learners
Y               Parents of young children preschool to early elementary                       D               Dads
O               Parents of older elementary age (may include middle school)              M              Mom
P               Parents of teens (and possibly teens)

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Conference Workshops

Leaders Session Thursday 1:15-2:15
Leaders, B       Diane Allen, The DNPE, the Law and the Average Homeschool FamilyMany people fear the DNPE, but there is nothing to fear. Our motto is:“We make true school choice possible by serving and supporting the non-public school community.” We exist to make homeschooling possible! We answer questions about homeschool law and administrative policy. Some days we answer 300 hundred questions! You probably have some questions yourself. Rather than be caller number 301come listen and learn in person! Director Diane Allen and other staff will discuss the basic legal requirements and policy for homeschools, answer common (and not so common) questions, while demystifying the department and alleviating your concerns.  (Gaines) CD/MP3 #1

Session 1 Thursday 2:30-3:30 p.m.

B            Marjorie H. McIlvaine, So Much Curricula, So Little Time—Unit studies, classical, traditional, unschooling, relaxed, eclectic—what are all of these approaches to homeschooling, anyway? How is a parent to choose? “I bought the wrong curriculum—it’s not working.” “I hate it!” “My friend says that other curriculum is the one.” “What do I do?” We’ll try to demystify the curriculum jungle and equip you to find the best pathway through it for you and your family—and enjoy the process! (Winston 1) CD/MP3 #2

G            Cindy Rollins, Small Latin and Less Greek: Classical Education for EverymanIs classical education only for our elite students or is there something for all of our students? (Winston 2) CD/MP3 #3

G            Dara Halydier, The Real World: Are They Ready?—Will homeschooling really prepare your children for life academically, socially and spiritually? Will they be able to go to college and get a good job? Will they be able to stand against the world’s culture and be able to stand for Christ? Dara will talk about making life management skills a part of your home and how to incorporate them into high school credits. She will bring wisdom from Proverbs and show you how to teach your kids to apply it to their lives as she shares the journey of her own five boys and their successes and failures. (Winston 3) CD/MP3 #4

G            Doug Smith, Keep It Simple: How to Teach Your Whole Family Together—Save time and money by teaching most school subjects to all of your students together. Learn practical strategies to lower your stress level, provide a well-rounded education, and build sweet memories using Charlotte Mason methods! (Salem 1) CD/MP3 #5

G            Megan Scheibner, The A to Z of a Characterhealthy Homeschool—If we homeschool simply to facilitate high academic marks, we are squandering the opportunity to influence our children for Christ. Character-healthy leaders are those who have learned to elevate virtues above feelings. If we spend our homeschooling hours simply on academics and activities, we may win the praise of man, but we risk losing the hearts of our children. In our few short years with our children, we must focus on the first things first and character is always the first thing! In this the goal: that our children serve God by loving others, and love others by serving God. (Salem 2) CD/MP3 #6

P             Andrea Daley, High School Smorgasbordthe Practical—Whether you are in the midst of high school or it’s just on your radar, this talk is for you! Glean from the wisdom and experience of a mother of ten (five in college and five still at home) on a variety of subjects. Reviewing your parenting goals, organizing and planning your child’s high school years, credits, transcripts, SATs, dual-enrollment, and considering a gap year are just a glimpse of what you will hear. Andrea offers you encouragement and practical suggestions you can take home to your school. (Salem 3) CD/MP3 #7

G T         Bryan Osborne, The Big Deal about Dinosaurs!—Dinosaurs! Kids (and adults) love them. Consequently, they’ve become prime secularist bait to reel people, especially children, into an evolutionary worldview. Unfortunately, most Christians are at a loss as to how to respond and are in desperate need of answers. When we stand anchored on God’s Word, we have them! (Gaines) CD/MP3 #8

T             Jonathan Morrow, Building a Confident Faith in a Confused Culture—With spiritual, moral and intellectual challenges at every turn, it’s easy for Christians to become discouraged. Critics claim that faith is irrational at best and evil at worst. But a careful look at the Bible and the history of Christianity shows that faith and reason are allies not enemies. It's more important than ever for believers and unbelievers alike to understand that Christianity is a reasonable faith. Understanding why you believe what you believe will give you confidence to follow Jesus in a confused culture. (Pavilion) CD/MP3 #9

Session 2 Thursday 4:00-5:00 p.m.

G            Michael Somerville, Wisdom, Not Just FactsIllustrating the Value of a Story-Driven Education—Teaching wisdom should be one aim of the educational process. Facts without context and narrative are drained of meaning. Michael outlines the benefits of the story-driven approach to teaching. Showing the value of this approach for students of all ages, he explains the connection between the stories we tell and our worldview, breathing life into history and making it relevant for walking wisely. By entering into the Great Conversation, we grapple with the great questions and learn the lessons of the past in order to apply them as we seek to live the lives God has called us to live. (Winston 1) CD/MP3 #10

G            Adam Andrews, Teaching the Classics from Seuss to Socrates—Literary Analysis for Everyone—Is literature a mystery to you? Are you at a loss about how to understand it yourself, much less teach it to your kids? This inspiring lecture demonstrates that everything you need to know about understanding and teaching literature is present in your second grader’s bedtime story. Adam reads a classic children’s story out loud and then leads the audience into a discussion of eternal literary themes. Along the way, he shows how you can do the same at home by following five simple steps. Your literature curriculum—to say nothing of family story time—will come alive automatically. (Winston 2) CD/MP3 #11

Y O L     Kristen Eckenwiler, The Gift of Multi-sensory Teaching—For decades, learning specialists have understood the power of multi-sensory teaching. Often associated with learning disabilities, this dynamic teaching strategy has found a home in many non-disability settings as well. Kristen and her husband have designed this workshop to explain the research-based thinking behind multi-sensory teaching methods. Practical suggestions will be given for adding this powerful strategy to your own classroom. (Winston 3) CD/MP3 #12

D B        Michael and Amanda Wares, You Want to Do What? A Dad's Perspective on This Crazy Thing Called Homeschooling—In this workshop, Michael and Amanda Wares will share the story of their homeschooling journey and how Michael went from being anti-homeschooling to Amanda's biggest source of support and help. They will also offer advice on what to do if: a) Dad is completely against homeschooling, b) He will allow it, but isn't very excited about it, or c) He is supportive, but doesn't offer help. (Salem 1) CD/MP3 #13

G T         David and Jason Benham, WORKship: Making Your Work Worship—Our job is to glorify the Lord in all we do, and we accomplish this by being faithful in every little work He gives us along the way—as a faithful student, spouse, parent, employee, entrepreneur or friend. Our work becomes worship when we work with all of our might for God’s glory. (Salem 2) CD/MP3 #14

P             Diane Allen, Basic Rules of a Record Retention: High School and BeyondDiane Allen, DNPE Director, homeschooled for twenty-three years and graduated three students into college. Imagine her surprise when she learned she had made several common mistakes in maintaining her student’s homeschool records. After talking with college admission offices, military recruiters, FBI agents and verification services, she revised her graduate transcripts and prepared a “proper academic record.” In this workshop, she shares her mistakes and how to prevent future complications by outlining the Basic Rules of a Record Retention for homeschool students. (We are seeing a trend towards high school records being required during the hiring process years after graduation.) (Salem 3) CD/MP3 #15

G T         Jeremiah and Jean Castille, Fulfilling Your Destiny—We all have a destiny that has been set forth for us by Christ. He has not left us clueless as to how we are to live it out. The Word of God gives us the road map to reaching our destiny. As we open up the Scriptures we are able to determine what ways will lead us to our destiny. It is a powerful thing to be able to discover the true meaning of Jeremiah 29:11. (Gaines) CD/MP3 #16

G T         Steve Noble, Stranger in a Strange Land: Living Out Your Faith in a Nation That No Longer Wants You—As America becomes more post-Christian, we need to learn how to be effective Kingdom Agents despite the pressure and rejection and hostility towards a biblical worldview. This session with present a series of life arenas that we all operate within and how to be an effective witness for Christ in each (i.e. home, work, politics, culture, education, etc.). (Pavilion) CD/MP3 #17

Session 3 Thursday, 5:20-6:20 p.m.

G            Ben McBride, Raising Courageous Kids to Confront a Sexualized Culture—Kids are being exposed to sexualized media and pornography early and often and our pop culture tells them it’s a healthy outlet for sexuality. Families will learn how to create a safe online space and encourage ongoing conversations that empower kids to not only look away from sexualized media, but also to confront our sex-obsessed culture. We can teach them to exercise and train their hearts and minds to be skillful, daring, and brave. (Winston 1) CD/MP3 #18

G            Cindy Rollins, Self-Education: The Habit of Being—Cindy will discuss the art of the discipline of the will and training ourselves for lifelong duty, service, and joy through the deliberate cultivation of the mind, body, and spirit. (Winston 2) CD/MP3 #19

G            Nathan Arnold, Music for Life—Sharpening Your Child's Gifts for the Future—Does my child have what it takes to succeed in music? What careers are available in the music industry and can my child's music have value outside a professional career? In this fast-paced and informative workshop, Nathan Arnold will employ his extensive experience guiding thousands of homeschooled musicians to answer these questions and more. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insight into your child's musical future! (Winston 3) CD/MP3 #20

G B        James and Tanya Dickens, Benefits of Homeschooling Adopted Children—James and Tanya will share the advantage of homeschooling adopted children. Homeschooling allows parents, siblings and their adopted children to bond more effectively. It also gives parents the opportunity to identify, adjust and address any behavioral and academic challenges the adopted children might have. More importantly, homeschooling minimizes the many adjustments that adopted children have to make while settling into their new home and family. (Salem 1) CD/MP3 #21

G            Dr. Steve and Megan Scheibner, Marriage and Parenting Go Hand-in-Hand—Parenting and marriage have a great deal in common. Both are loaded with challenges and pitfalls. Ephesians 4:22-24 gives us insight into parenting and marriage success by introducing us to the principle of put-off and put-on. This joint seminar will give you the practical tools to raise the standard in your marriage and in your parenting. (Salem 2) CD/MP3 #22

P             Andrea Daley, High School Smorgasbordthe Emotional—Whether you are in the midst of high school or it’s just on your radar, this talk is for you! Glean from the wisdom and experience of a mother of ten (five in college and five still at home) on subjects such as: parenting through adolescence, character training through the older years, relationships, preparing yourself for graduation, struggles and grieving. Don’t hide from your emotions during this phase of schooling, embrace them with Andrea as she offers you encouragement and practical suggestions you can take home to your school. (Salem 3) CD/MP3 #23

B Y L     Kate Funk, The Early Years without Tears—Preschoolers and kindergarteners are like sponges, eager and ready to learn, but the lessons and activities must be fun and engaging. In this session, you will learn the importance of reading aloud quality literature to your child, how to incorporate hands-on learning and much more. See how to implement a multi-sensory approach to learning that will have your child excited about learning! (Gaines) CD/MP3 #24

T             Jonathan Morrow, Has Science Made God Unnecessary?—Many believers worry that science undermines the Christian faith. Skeptics claim that Christianity and science are at odds and that the more we know about science, the less room there is for God. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Far from putting God out of a job, scientific discoveries over the past fifty years from DNA to the origin and fine tuning of the universe show why the existence of God is the best explanation. Instead of fearing the next scientific headline, discover the powerful reasons and evidence that point in the direction of God. (Pavilion) CD/MP3 #25

Thursday Keynote 7:30-9:00 p.m.

David and Jason Benham, Whatever the Cost—Hear the captivating story of twin brothers, David and Jason Benham, as they lost their HGTV reality television show for standing up for biblical principles. Their story will inspire and encourage you to stand up for what is right. (Salem 2) CD/MP3 #26

Friday Keynote 9:00-10:30 a.m.

Adam Andrews, Homeschooling’s Highest Goal—Lessons from the Story of Job—Education is not an object we can possess; it’s a state of the heart, mind and soul. All great leaders share certain attributes in these areas, and Job was one of the greatest! Adam’s unique perspective on Job’s career inspires parents to prepare their own students for leadership. The lecture sends them away with renewed vision for the liberal arts and practical suggestions for applying this vision in the classroom. (Salem 2) CD/MP3 #27

Session 4 Friday 11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

G            Debbie Mason, Eleven Passions from a Homeschool Veteran—After twenty-five years of homeschooling, what does this homeschool veteran see as the most important advice to pass along to those still in the trenches of parenting and homeschooling? Debbie will share her eleven convictions and concerns about homeschooling. She will cover topics for all ages, from birth to young adulthood. (Winston 1) CD/MP3 #28

G            Adam Andrews, Witches and Wizards and Wands, Oh My!—a Parent's Guide to Fantasy, Fiction and Faith—As fantasy grows ever more popular in our culture, books and movies teem with elements that many Christian parents find objectionable. How can we equip our children to engage and influence their culture while protecting them from its evils? Adam makes a case for a type of reading that can accomplish both of these goals while also providing a vision for the Christian imagination that can restore our civilization to its roots in the transcendent God of all worlds, seen and unseen. (Winston 2) CD/MP3 #29

L             Dara Halydier, God Didn’t Make a Mistake—God has a purpose for your child and did not make a mistake! Dara will cover how to accept each child and his individual challenges and how to help each reach his potential. Dara and Tracy successfully homeschooled two boys with genius IQ’s. One also had ADHD, dyslexia and Asperger’s syndrome. The other three boys, of average intelligence, successfully graduated in spite of dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADD and ADHD. Each is on a unique path, but all are becoming the men that God created them to be. They have good self-esteem and are excited about life and love and follow God. (Winston 3) CD/MP3 #30

B            Michael and Amanda Wares, Help for New Homeschoolers—New to homeschooling or considering homeschooling? This workship is for you! We will break down the NC homeschool law, discuss pulling children out of brick and mortar school and go over first steps in your homeschooling journey, including the daunting topic of choosing curriculum! Bring your questions and concerns, and we will figure all this out together! (Salem 1) CD/MP3 #31

M            Megan Scheibner, Woman to Woman: The Mentoring Model—Women thrive on relationships! But are our relationships glorifying to God, or do they draw our hearts away from faithful obedience to the Lord and His Word? In this session, Megan will encourage women to use their relationships to encourage, edify and exhort one another. As sisters in Christ, and homeschooling mothers, we have the unique opportunity to build up and strengthen one another. Every homeschooling mom will benefit from giving and receiving encouragement from other women. This session will challenge women to examine their friendships and to structure Christ-centered, God honoring, faith-deepening relationships. (Salem 2) CD/MP3 #32

P T          Matthew McDill, How to Teach Your Children to Love and Understand God’s Word—Loving and understanding the Bible is essential to following Jesus, but it is not always easy. In this session, Matthew McDill will give you practical tools for reading, memorizing, praying, interpreting and applying God’s Word. McDill brings sound hermeneutical insights from his Ph.D. in biblical studies and over twenty years of Bible teaching. But the good news is that anyone can understand God’s Word! You will have what you need to teach your children to love and understand God’s Word. You will receive a free chapter, “Understanding God’s Word,” from his forthcoming book How to Love God: A Practical Discipleship Handbook. (Salem 3) CD/MP3 #33

G            Jeff Ertzberger, Are Your Kids Ready for Their Digital Future?—In days of old, boys and girls learned how to use the tools they would need to make them successful. In today’s world almost all careers require digital tools like computers and tablets. Will your kids be ready to excel in this digital world? This workshop will cover the types of digital tools kids will need to know about in order to excel in almost any career. Presenter will lead participants through major categories of software that all kids should know. Participants will be provided with links to the software mentioned. (Gaines) CD/MP3 #34

T             Jonathan Morrow, Is Jesus the Only Way to God?—"There are many ways to God so why do Christians think theirs is the only way?” "Christians are arrogant, intolerant bigots who think they’re right and everyone else is wrong.” These are just a few of challenges you will run into when talking about Jesus in today’s increasingly secular and pluralistic culture. Learn how to respond with confidence to the most common objections that often leave Christians speechless. And most importantly, learn how to talk about why Jesus claimed to be the only way to God. (Pavilion) CD/MP3 #35

Session 5 Friday 12:30-1:30 p.m.

P             Brent J. Aucoin, Teaching the American Founding—Was America founded as a Christian nation? Many authors have sought to answer this question over the years with a simple "yes" or "no." However, the most accurate answer to this question is not so simple. In this workshop, it will be explained how Christianity greatly shaped and influenced the American founding. The presenter will identify resources on this surprisingly complicated topic that, on one hand, are helpful, and those, which on the other hand, are to be avoided (Winston 1) CD/MP3 #36

M            Cindy Rollins, What Are We Doing to Our Boys Redux? A Mom’s ViewCindy will share key elements in homeschooling older sons. (Winston 2) CD/MP3 #37

D T         J. Mark Fox, How to Provide for Your Family—Men are called by God to provide for their families, and the tendency is to think only of the bread-winner category. But there’s much more to being a provider than making money. In this workshop, Mark will explore the different ways God has both called and equipped men to provide for their families: from understanding the vision God has given, to providing for emotional and spiritual needs at home, to making plans for the future. Young men, fathers and those in between need to hear this challenge! (Winston 3) CD/MP3 #38

O Y        Penny Mayes, Created to Be Creators—This talk teaches parents the importance of integrating art into their curriculum and gives parents ideas and resources for teaching art at home. Since we are all created in the image of God the Creator, we are also creators. Using biblical examples, she explains the gift of artistic ability and the joy and usefulness that art can bring. The ability to visualize, draw and create can have great impact in other fields. She challenges parents that since we are all creators, our job as parents is to teach our children to use their creative ability for God's glory. (Salem 1) CD/MP3 #39

B            Israel Wayne, Homeschooling: Preference or Conviction?—Why do you homeschool? When your children are grown, what will define success for you? What is a biblical philosophy of education? This workshop will help you to focus on what is really important. Israel will share with you what has helped his family avoid burnout and frustration in the many years of homeschooling. (Salem 2) CD/MP3 #40

G            Andrew Kern, Attention: Why It Comes First and How to Cultivate It—The culture and the environment we have created relentlessly assaults our children's senses and minds. The result is nothing less than a cultural attention deficit. This workshop claims that what we pay attention to and how we pay attention to it are the most formative (and therefore important) thing about us. Why is this so important? How can we cultivate attentiveness in our children and ourselves? Come and think! (Salem 3) CD/MP3 #41

G T         Jeremiah and Jean Castille, 12 Qualities of Leadership—As we look around our culture today most of us will agree that we are in a leadership crisis. This is the best opportunity for the body of Christ to step up and model what Christ so openly demonstrated. We are encouraged to open up the Scriptures to see how the life of Christ exemplifies the kind of leadership we can demonstrate as Christ followers. (Gaines) CD/MP3 #42

G T                  Steve Noble, Christians and Politics: Finding a New Normal in 21st Century America—As the political influence of the religious right diminishes, what does our new role look like in order to effect change in our nation? (Pavilion) CD/MP3 #43

Session 6 Friday 2:00-3:00 p.m.

G            Monica Irvine, SchedulesHelping Our Children to Be Happy—One of the absolute greatest gifts we can give our children is a schedule. Studies show that keeping our children on a schedule and creating routines produces stability, calm, trust, discipline and most importantly, happiness. Yes, we’re busy. Yes, we don’t want to be burdened down with trying to stay on schedule. But wait, you’ve got to come and see and hear why scheduling gives us the freedom to have fun and to accomplish great things. You will walk away from this workshop with wonderful ideas to implement in your family schedule. (Winston 1) CD/MP3 #44

G B        Adam Andrews, “It’s Onomatopoeia, Mom!”—Using Children’s Stories to Teach Literary Devices—Juxtaposition, metaphor, symbolism, irony, foreshadowingHelp! Parents often avoid the subject of literature because of the intimidating vocabulary of literary analysis. The truth is, you don’t need a college degree in literature to understand this vocabulary; what you need is a well written children’s story. Adam takes the audience on a guided tour of literary devices, making discerning literary analysts out of each and every audience member. Doing the same with your own children couldn’t be easier, but beware: soon, they will be finding onomatopoeia everywhere they look.  (Winston 2) CD/MP3 #45

O P         Chris Ruminski, Learning with GamesMuch More Than Chess—Learning is important and can be hard work! Playing board and card games is very rewarding for many people. Participants will learn how to use games to introduce and reinforce major educational concepts for students. Games, unfamiliar to many, will be introduced this session. These games will help teach concepts like Newtonian physics, critical thinking, problem solving, probability and inductive logic. (Winston 3) CD/MP3 #46

P T          Marjorie H. McIlvaine, Online Instruction: The New Frontier—What are the types of online instruction? Is it effective? Online education is exploding! It can work hand-in-glove with homeschooling, or it can be an expensive error and a time-waster. How can we avoid a mistake? How does it work? What are the pros and cons? Do you want instruction or just a curriculum outline? Some are free, and some are costly—what’s the difference? And maybe the most important question—can we go to class in our jammies? Marji has graduated her last student. Her experience with online instruction extends from the parent side to the teacher experience.  (Salem 1) CD/MP3 #47

O P         Dr. Steve Scheibner, Battling with Behavior?—Want your teen to take more initiative around the house? Want to reduce the drama level in the family? Want to get your pre-teens, teens, and young adults excited about character healthy living? Join “America’s Parenting Doctor,” Dr. Steve Scheibner as he reveals seven practical steps to raising the behavior bar in your home. A character matters session will begin the process of moving your young people from ordinary to extraordinary. (Salem 2) CD/MP3 #48

M            Dana McDill, Hormones and Homeschooling: Can There Be Peace? (Ladies, This Is Not about Puberty.)—Do you feel like a crazy mama sometimes, like you are all over the place and can't seem to think straight? Are you overwhelmed, stressed out and irritable? Are you discouraged? Do you suffer from guilt and regret? Do you feel like life is rushing by and you are holding on for dear life? As someone who has suffered from hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue, Dana wants to share her journey of healing and hope. The first thing to realize is that you are not alone or crazy. God wants you to thrive not just survive! There is hope for the journey! (Salem 3) CD/MP3 #49

G            Jeff Ertzberger, Google Tools for Homeschoolers—Google Docs, Google Voice, Google Reader, Google Earth, and the list continues to grow. Google, the search engine company, provides much more than just free Internet searches. In this workshop participants will learn about free programs and tools available online from Google, and be shown ways to use those free programs in their homeschool. Participants will receive handouts that will show how to access all the great tools referenced in the presentation. (Gaines) CD/MP3 #50

T             Jonathan Morrow, Has the Bible Been Corrupted and Changed?—Critics claim that there are hundreds of thousands of textual errors in the Bible, that scribes intentionally changed the text of the New Testament and that there are many passages that actually shouldn't be in our Bible—is this true? Explore the evidence for yourself, and learn the truth about why you can trust the biblical text. (Pavilion) CD/MP3 #51

Session 7 Friday 3:30-4:30 p.m.

P             Debbie Mason, Homeschooling High School—The thought of teaching high school can be intimidating for many homeschoolers, causing them to question their competence. Debbie will show you how you can accomplish this challenging task. She will cover topics such as what to do before high school starts, what courses your student needs and where to get them, what the law says and how to deal with co-ops and testing. She will touch on what to do along the way to prepare for college. (Winston 1) CD/MP3 #52

M            Cindy Rollins, Mere Motherhood: What Is a Family?This talk will explore mothering and homeschooling imperfect kids by imperfect mothers. (Winston 2) CD/MP3 #53

B Y        Sarah Frank, My Journey into Unschooling—Parents often feel the pressure to have their young children writing, reading, or performing other tasks by a certain age, while research has shown children benefit from being allowed to play, move around, and learn at their own pace. In this workshop Sarah will discuss why she decided to unschool her young children and what unschooling looks like in her home. Ideas of activities to stimulate young children's minds while still allowing them to be children and have fun will be given. Sarah will also tell the one subject she does not unschool but instead has taught diligently and consistently since her children were babies. (Winston 3) CD/MP3 #54

G            Doug Smith, More Than Just Screen Time—Do you think of computers and technology as unproductive screen time or as useful tools? We'll consider that question through stories and real-life examples then discuss practical ways of using technology in your homeschool to prepare your children for life and careers. (Salem 1) CD/MP3 #55

D            Israel Wayne, Is Homeschooling Just for Women?—For many men, homeschooling has been looked at largely as something their wife does. Many believe that if they pay the bills, that is really all that God expects of them. Biblically speaking, what is the proper role for men in the process of home education? (Salem 2) CD/MP3 #56

G            John and Lorie Kirkland, From 12 to 20: Mentoring Your Son from a Boy into a Man—What do you want your son to be like at twenty years old? When he is heading off to college or getting married is probably too late to decide. This session will teach you how to start with the end in mind and provide some practical coaching on how you can maximize the years from twelve to twenty to grab the heart of your son and pour into him those qualities you want to be a part of his character as he moves away from boyhood and into manhood. (for parents only) (Salem 3) CD/MP3 #57

G            Jessica Frierson, Order in the Heart, Order in the Home—In order to homeschool effectively, there must be order in the home. With a household of eleven, Jessica has had the opportunity to learn by necessity how to keep (relatively) clean clothes on the children, get three healthy meals each day, have school time and still stay sane (again, relatively speaking). From the age of two, her children are assigned a weekly chore. Whether training one child or a houseful, you will find helpful ideas in this workshop on how to organize your home, life and homeschool. The heart of this workshop is how to reach the hearts of your children. (Gaines) CD/MP3 #58

G T         Bryan Osborne, Do Animals Evolve? Evolution Defined and Scripture Confirmed—Is evolution a fact? Our culture says absolutely, causing many to doubt the Bible. How do Christians respond? The answer is to stand on the authority of God’s Word and carefully define the word “evolution.” Then, the deceptive “bait and switch” is unveiled, and it becomes excitingly clear that real science confirms the Bible! (Pavilion) CD/MP3 #59

Session 8 Friday 4:50-5:50 p.m.

G T         Monica Irvine, Raising Our Girls to Be Ladies—Do our daughters know how special they are, and are they confident enough in this truth that they will one day only accept the hand of a gentleman? Our society is teaching girls that being a lady is a thing of the past. This is false! Today’s young ladies need to have conviction in what it means to be a lady, as they have an amazing opportunity to be examples. Bring your daughters and learn what being a lady is all about. They will walk away excited to learn these skills. This is not just for moms—dads come too. (Winston 1) CD/MP3 #60

Y O        Adam Andrews, The Socratic Method for Dummies—Become a Great Teacher the Easy Way—What is the Socratic Method and how can it make me a better teacher? Is it a separate curriculum? Is it difficult to learn? Is it a lot of work to apply? Can I use it with what I'm already doing? Adam lays out simple answers to all of these questions by explaining and demonstrating a Socratic discussion that will encourage and inspire parents to imitate the ancient philosopher himself. Parents of kids K-12 will learn a simple technique that can be applied in any subject to dramatically increase the power of contact time. (Winston 2) CD/MP3 #61

D T         J. Mark Fox, How to Protect Your Family—We live in uncertain and dangerous times, and God has put it into the heart of every man to protect his family. This desire is standard equipment for men. It is God’s divine plan for a man to protect his family. This workshop is not about the Second Amendment. However, we will explore three threats from which we, as men, are called and equipped by God to protect our families. (Winston 3) CD/MP3 #62

G            James and Tanya Dickens, Healthy Marriage, Successful Homeschool—If you are married, the success of your homeschool is largely dependent upon the strength of your marriage and the support you receive from your spouse. The stress and demands of homeschooling can foster division and bitterness in a marriage. These demands can easily force us to push aside the time and attention we previously devoted to our marriage. This workshop will teach practical strategies to help you prioritize your marriage relationship in the midst of the demands of homeschooling and strengthen your homeschool in the process. (Salem 1) CD/MP3 #63

O P         Dr. Steve Scheibner, Training Young Men to Be Gentlemen in a Feminist Culture—Is behaving like a gentleman an outdated and antiquated idea? Join Dr. Steve in a discussion of how to teach our young men to be masculine in a society that seeks to squeeze them into a feminine mold. Becoming a gentleman starts at home. Come discover ways to cultivate a culture of masculinity without raising men who are brutes! (Salem 2) CD/MP3 #64

O P         Matthew McDill, How to Help Your Children Become Self-Motivated—Are you tired of working so hard to get your children to do their work or make the right choices? When will they be self-motivated? How can you help them? Discipline is when parents provide external motivation for right choices (which is a necessary part of the process). Discipleship is when parents help children develop their own motivation for making the right choices because of their love for Christ. In this session, we will discuss how to make the difficult transition from discipline to discipleship. You will receive practical tips on helping your children develop godly self-motivation. (Salem 3) CD/MP3 #65

G            Jeremiah and Jean Castille, Raising Your Child to Be a Champion—We believe we were all created to be champions. Everything we need to win in life has been given to us by Christ. We open up the Word of God to discover how we can each be more than conquerors in life. We can choose to win in every area of our lives. We have created an acrostic with the word CHAMPION to spell out a road map to being the best we can be in life through Christ. (Gaines) CD/MP3 #66

T             Jonathan Morrow, What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Bible and Homosexuality—What does Christianity teach about homosexuality? What does science say? Many Christians are confused about this emotionally charged topic. A growing number of Christians are claiming that homosexuality is not sinful and that the church needs to embrace and affirm same-sex marriage. In this talk, we will respond to popular arguments raised by Christians and non-Christians alike. We’ll discover that God’s design for sexuality is good news for all of us. It’s not a matter of if, but when, you will be asked what you think about homosexuality. Are you ready to give a reasonable answer with gentleness and respect? (Pavilion) CD/MP3 #67


Saturday Keynote 9:00-10:30 a.m.

Dr. Steve Scheibner, Living on Borrowed Time, the Nine Practices of the Proactive Parent—As a pilot for American Airlines, Steve was originally scheduled to be the co-pilot on the first flight to be hijacked on September 11, 2001. Through an extraordinary set of divine circumstances, Steve was bumped from that flight. Now, he tells his deeply moving story of God's providence on that terrible day. Come discover why God gave Steve a second chance and now uses him to teach parents to parent with purpose and urgency. Practical and Bible-based, this workshop is designed to give parents the tools they need and the hope necessary to build a Christ-centered, character-driven home. (Salem 2) CD/MP3 #68

Session 9 Saturday 11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

P             Robert M. Nelson, NC Community College Opportunities for Homeschoolers—This seminar includes a review of the Career and College Promise (CCP) program available to high school students in North Carolina. Special attention will be given to admission criteria, costs and transfer of credit to senior institutions. An overview of college transfer programs will be discussed as it relates to the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA). Robert will leave time for questions and answers. (Winston 1) CD/MP3 #69

G            Cindy Rollins, What Is a Teacher? Finding Rest in the RoleCindy will discuss rethinking the grammar stagereplacing memory with remembrance. (Winston 2) CD/MP3 #70

G            Joann Nabb, Foreign Language as a Springboard to the World—Foreign language is not just for high schoolers to take for two years and forget. It is a door that can open up the world. Government schools advocate two years with very little gain to show afterwards. Imagine studying music or math for two years and expecting proficiency. With the Internet and the accessibility of our world, those who know a second or third language can practically write their own ticket to success. Our two oldest sons get 10% higher pay for knowing languages. Come hear how you can teach a language without losing your mind, using the many resources available. (Winston 3) CD/MP3 #71

Y O L     Kristen Eckenwiler, Why Is Reading So Hard?—Does your son or daughter seem to be faltering in their efforts to learn to read? Is it the curriculum? Is it you? Based on current research, Kristen and her husband have designed this workshop to help parents better understand the most essential elements of the reading process, along with those critical ingredients that must be emphasized to produce a successful, capable reader.(Salem 1) CD/MP3 #72

Y            Megan Scheibner, The Toddler Toolbox—Are the Terrrible Twos eating your lunch? Need help managing your homeschool day with toddlers in the house? In this workshop Megan draws on her many years of homeschooling experience with eight toddlers in tow to help you craft a plan for success. This workshop is intensely practical and will help you transform the terrible twos into the terrific twos! (Salem 2) CD/MP3 #73

M            Dana McDill, Losing Your Way on the Journey—The journey of homeschooling is good, but it is not easy! Many of us start our journey excited with great visions and goals of what we want our homeschools to look like and how we want our children to turn out. Then the reality of the daily grind of homeschooling and all its challenges hits, and our excitement goes from a blazing fire to a mere spark. Dana wants to encourage you to stay the course and to remember why you started. After homeschooling for thirteen years, she needed this reminder to refocus her this past year. Let's go back and remember.  (Salem 3) CD/MP3 #74

G T         Jeremiah and Jean Castille, The Power of Identity—In Genesis 1:26-27 we look at who we are in Christ. We can know through these Scriptures that we have been created in the image of God. We can learn through Scripture that we are powerful beings because of our identity in Christ. We can learn from Scripture that we are who God says we are. As we apply these Scriptures to our lives we learn to live undefeated. We learn to live positive and productive lives that allow us to be good examples to those around us. (Gaines) CD/MP3 #75

P             Jonathan Morrow, How to Help Students Own Their Faith—Studies show that about 50% of students will disengage from their Christian faith during the college years. Over half of teenagers and emerging adults believe that morality is relative and there is more than one way to God. It doesn’t have to be this way. In a generation that thinks it’s worse to not recycle than it is to watch porn, how do we help students own their faith? While we can’t choose for our teenagers, we can equip them. In this talk, we will explore what every teenager needs to build a lasting faith.  (Pavilion) CD/MP3 #76

Session 10 Saturday 12:30-1:30 p.m.

P             Paul Maurer, The Crisis of American Higher Education—American higher education faces challenges on multiple fronts. However, there is a crisis in higher education that rises above all other problems: that American education no longer teaches the meaning of life. For most of the nearly 400 years of American higher education, its central purpose was to shape students’ souls. Today, most colleges go no further than helping students find a job. This is a fine outcome, but it represents a shallow version of what parents and students should expect. Higher education has abandoned its core purpose and badly lost its way. But there is hope. (Winston 1) CD/MP3 #77

P             Adam Andrews, Raising a Worldview Detective—Three Steps to Thinking Critically about Books, Movies and More—How do you teach your students to apply a Christian worldview to books, movies and culture? The answer to this important question may surprise you for well-meaning Christians often misunderstand the basic principles of worldview analysis. This misunderstanding often prevents Christian students from thinking clearly about contemporary culture. In this enthusiastic and engaging discussion, Adam helps you avoid a serious (though common) teaching mistake and presents three steps for understanding a story-teller on his own terms. This presentation will empower you to uncover, identify and evaluate an artist’s worldview for yourself—and to teach your students to do the same. (Winston 2) CD/MP3 #78

B Y        Joann Nabb, Creating a Love of Learning in the Early Years—Homeschooling is widely accepted with many resources available. Choosing curriculum can be overwhelming to those who are just embarking on this journey. My goal is to encourage parents to make learning fun and educative all at the same time. I hope this will help new homeschoolers who may not feel creative. Much of what can be taught in the early years does not require a formal curriculum. Creative ideas will be shared; there will be suggestions on parenting books, read-aloud books, games, age-appropriate field trips and more. (Winston 3) CD/MP3 #79

G            Susan Reynolds Brackley, Minimize, Simplify and Prioritize—This workshop encourages parents to evaluate exactly what is important. Susan will address things that seem to weigh us down physically—disorder of house, school and schedules, as well as mentally and spiritually—attitudes of discouragement, defeat, wrong focus, comparing ourselves with the Jones’s, or setting goals too high. She will stress the importance of family time, devotion time, and creating a schedule that works—with both a tad of flexibility and discipline. She will discuss choosing things that are most useful and necessary for your children with the time and eternity in mind. (Salem 1) CD/MP3 #80

D            Dr. Steve Scheibner, 2ML (Second Mile Leadership for Men)—Second mile leaders are those counter-intuitive servants of God who earn the right to be heard by developing a consistent love of virtue, a disciplined approach to gratification, and a submissive love for the authority of God’s Word. Male leadership is essential to the success of marriages, families, the church, and society. This session will teach men to: earn the right to be heard, prefer proactivity, reject reactivity, learn to elevate virtues above feelings, build moral muscle, seek forgiveness and develop a finisher’s attitude. It is powerful! (Salem 2) CD/MP3 #81

G            Andrew Kern, Truth and Harmony: The Goals of a Christian Education—Our Lord Jesus calls Himself “the Truth,” and Paul the apostle asserted that “He might gather together all things in Christ.” John added that Christ is "The Word.” Yet, we still tend to teach a fragmented curriculum oriented not toward Truth but toward worldly success. Is that our best option? This workshop strives for a higher objective, rethinking the whole learning sequence in light of the person of Christ and the Holy Trinity. (Salem 3) CD/MP3 #82

G L         Glenna Toney, We Have the Test Scores, Now What?—How can you use your test scores to upgrade your homeschooling experience? Glenna Toney will review testing patterns and scores and discuss how to use the information to the best interest of your child. Topics include learning disabilities or difficulties such as: dyslexia, processing disorders, retrieval issues, asperger’s, autism, sight readers, word callers, slow learners, advanced and fast learners and addressing learning discrepancies that can impact the student’s learning. Glenna will cover other topics such as: using test scores to prepare for college entrance exams, kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners, as well as right and left brain processors. (Gaines) CD/MP3 #83

T             John Burkett, The Writing Process—What’s the writing process? We will discusses the five stages of the writing process, what skills one needs at each stage, why revision is not a bad word, and how knowing the process encourages writers to work smarter in less time. (Pavilion) CD/MP3 #84

Session 11 Saturday 1:50-2:50 p.m.

P T          Jen Miller-Hogg, Savvy High School Student's Path to College Applications—Colleges really like students who are homeschooled, but understanding everything needed to apply to college can be an overwhelming process. The savvy high school student path has six divisions: 1. classes, 2. activities, 3. summer, 4. tests, 5. college search, and 6. college applications. This workshop will discuss each of these, explain what colleges look for and point out how homeschooled students can stand out! (Winston 1) CD/MP3 #85

G            Amanda Garner, Run with Perseverance—After graduating her first student this year, Amanda shares with wit and humor how you can run the race of homeschooling well—and live to tell about it! This workshop is geared to provide inspiration and motivation to stay the course. Drawing from over a dozen years of experience, Amanda will share practical steps you can take to soar over the hurdles that commonly trip up even the best runners. (Winston 2) CD/MP3 #86

G B L     Danielle Papageorgiou, Lifeschooling: The Answer to Homeschool Burnout—Have you heard of lifeschooling and do you know why it is so revolutionary in our current homeschooling environment? Do you long for more time and less stress in your homeschool? As homeschooling has become much more popular, we see more and more families (not just moms!) suffering from homeschool burnout. As a movement, we have slowly lost the wisdom of the pioneers. Danielle will explain the philosophy of lifeschooling, which is really just a fresh label for a returning to the ancient paths. Jeremiah 6:16 (Winston 3) CD/MP3 #87

Y            Debra I. Haagen, Using Lapbooks in Your Homeschool—What is a lapbook? Glad you asked! It is a wonderful way for your student to document whatever topic he is studying. He will create small booklets along the way, and put them all together at the end of the study to create a keepsake called a lapbook. Lapbooks are great ways to review, and children really enjoy displaying their work in this way. In this workshop, Debra will take you through the process of creating a lapbook, discuss different types of unit studies and introduce you to several resources. (Salem 1) CD/MP3 #88

G            Mary L. Morse, Ph.D., Homeschooling Your Gifted Child—When a gifted child’s needs are not being met in a traditional school setting, homeschooling is an important educational option to consider. This presentation will provide an introduction to homeschooling high-ability learners through the lenses of both educational theory and practical experience. Parents will gain an understanding of how learning theory supports the practice of homeschooling. They will learn how to choose and adapt homeschool curriculum to meet the individual needs of high-ability learners. Techniques for supporting the unique emotional and developmental needs of gifted children will also be discussed. (Salem 3) CD/MP3 #89

G            Jeremiah and Jean Castille, 7 Things to Add to Your Child's Faith—As we look at 2 Peter 1:5-7 we are encouraged to add virtue, knowledge, self-control, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness and love to our faith. We can teach these positive traits to our children in a way that will help them to be all that they were created to be. As we model these traits in our own lives as parents, our children can have living, breathing examples to follow. (Gaines) CD/MP3 #90

T          Jonathan Morrow, God and the Problem of Evil and Suffering—If God really is good and all-powerful as the Bible claims, then why is there so much pain, evil and suffering in the world? Where did evil come from; and why doesn't God do something about it? This challenge is one of the biggest that Christians face. Whether personally experiencing tragedy or encountering a skeptic who raises this objection, everyone needs to be prepared to give an answer. In this talk, we will deal honestly with the force of this objection and show why Christianity offers the best response to the problem of evil and suffering. (Pavilion) CD/MP3 #91