Conference Math Competition


NEW! NCHE/AMB “World Series” Math Tournament

NCHE is partnering with Action Math Baseball (AMB) to provide our first “World Series” Tournament at the 2017 Thrive! Conference. Who:  Any NCHE homeschooled student in 4th through 9th grade who is registered for the conference can participate in the on-site (at the conference) tournament. The cost: $6.95...and AMB will give $2.00 back to NCHE for every child who signs up through our NCHE-specific link to the AMB website. Your child’s non-homeschool friends may also sign up on our NCHE website, allowing NCHE students to learn and play the baseball games with your homeschool students and their public/private school counterparts. 

Sign up for AMB here

Sign up for a free teacher/parent account first, then add in as many students as you’d like for the special rate of $6.95 each. Signing up for AMB does not obligate your student to participate in the on-site tournament.
Note: Only NCHE Thrive! Conference registered students will participate in the tournament at the conference.

Each student who signs up receives a unique username and password to access Action Math’s online baseball program through June 30. By using the online math program, students have fun learning math skills by managing their own baseball team–and they practice the skills they need to participate in the on-site tournament.

The earlier you sign up, the more time you have to practice!


On May 10, Action Math will rank the top performing students for the tournament using the Action Math Baseball student assessment features unique to the program. The top 32 NCHE students will be chosen for participation in the on-site tournament. The top 32 finishers are the player card/player wheel “spinners.” Each player will choose his or her own teammate “scorekeeper” “using the baseball scorecard” for the tournament.

Tournament participants will be notified on May 12, 2017, and will receive information that includes the following:

●      Tournament rules and general instructions
●      Player card (9) printing
●      Score sheet instructions

Students sign up NOW to access Action Math Baseball and practice through May 10, the date when the top 32 players will be assessed by the AMB program.

The tournament will be held in the Twin City Quarter (Benton Convention Center, Embassy Suites & Marriott) at the 33rd Annual NCHE Homeschool Conference in Winston-Salem on Saturday, May 27, 2017.

A view of the AMB Math Program Screen

4-Min. overview video:

Maximize NCHE’s total received from the AMB $2.00-per-student giveback

1.     Parents can encourage their children's non-homeschool friends to sign up through the NCHE website link to AMB. (NOTE: only NCHE students will qualify for the Convention Math tournament)

2.     Parents should seek sponsorships with business partners in their area and across North Carolina. Their charitable donations will be a tax benefit while promoting math education for North Carolina Home Educator students.

3.     NCHE and their Parents should contact minor league baseball (MiLB) teams within NC, as sponsors. NOTE: These teams may even be willing to sponsor stand-alone World Series Math Tournaments with your students.

Please contact Jim Cleavenger at, or call (757) 377-4516, if

●      you have questions regarding the tournament,
●      you’d like to schedule a FREE, 45-minute webinar that is found on the AMB website.

Remember, to participate in the on-site tournament, you also need to be registered for the conference!