2014 Conference Chess Tournament

Download 2014 Registration Form:  2014 NCHE Chess Tournament Registration Form.pdf

Download 2014 Information Sheet:  2014 NCHE Tournament Info Sheet.pdf

Download 2014 FAQs:  2014 NCHE Chess Tournament FAQ.pdf


2014 FAQs — please read!

1.  How will I know that Championship Chess has received my registration and payment?

We at Championship Chess will email you to confirm your registration when registration and payment are received.

2.  Why do you need my personal information? What are you going to do with it?

We need your phone number and email address so that we can contact you in case of an emergency, or in case there is a problem with your registration. We will not release this information to any outside person or agency for any reason whatsoever.

3.  Is this a knock-out tournament? Do I go home if I lose a game?

No! This is not an elimination tournament, like the NFL play-offs. All players can and should play at least four or more games, if possible, within the three-hour time frame.

4.  There will be two sections – Primary (ages 5-11) and Youth (ages 12 –18)

All players must know how to play a complete game of chess through to checkmate. Players should be able to complete each game within 20-30 minutes. We expect to have space for 28 players and will put you on a waiting list if the tournament spaces fill. Refunds will be made to those who are on the waiting list and do not get to play in the tournament.

5.  How are the scores determined?

A player gets one point for every game won, half a point for every game drawn, and zero points for every game lost. A player’s point total for the tournament is found by summing that player’s points. Thus a player who wins one game, draws two games, and loses one game will end up with two points for the tournament (1 + .5 + .5 + 0 = 2).

Any player who cannot commit to stay for the entire time should not enter the tournament. The score of any player not completing at least four games will not be eligible for trophy awards but will receive a participation award. There will be free chess play opportunities at the Championship Chess booth during the rest of the tournament for those who cannot commit to the tournament schedule.

6.  What about awards?

Individual awards will be given out for 1st – 3rd places in each section. All players will receive an individual award to commemorate their participation.

7.  When will all the awards be announced and handed out?

The awards ceremony will begin as soon as possible after the last game is completed which should be around 12:00 pm. It usually takes about 15 minutes to get the lists together and get set up for the ceremony, and another 10 minutes or so to distribute the awards, take pictures, etc. Everyone should be on their way home by or before 12:30 pm.

8.  How do you pair players?

In general, we will attempt to pair players with equal scores when possible, and also to equalize color allocations. This is a “Fast Chess” tournament, which means that each child plays a game, comes to the Tournament Director (TD) when finished, and will be paired up with another player as soon as another pair with similar scores has finished their game.

9.  This is not a USCF rated tournament. Will you be enforcing USCF rules?

In general, yes, we will be. Exceptions to that are that scorekeeping (taking notation) will not be required, and all rules pertaining to scorekeeping will therefore be null and void, and that players will not play with a chess clock. One rule in particular that we will be enforcing is the “touch move/touch capture” rule. This means that if a player touches one of that player’s own pieces in a manner that can reasonably be interpreted as the beginning of a move, then the player will be required to move that piece, if that piece has a legal move. If a player touches an opponent’s piece in a like manner, then the player will be required to capture that piece, if there is a legal way to do so. Note that an accidental touching of a piece, such as brushing it with your shirtsleeve when reaching for another piece, does not constitute a violation of this rule.

While by and large we will be going by USCF rules, we will try to avoid becoming too technical with these rules, and enforcement of other USCF rules will be on a case-by-case basis.

10.  What if I fall ill before the tournament and cannot attend?

In the event that you become ill after registering and cannot attend, you should notify us as    soon as possible by phone (770-912-7665) or email chess@championshipchess.net . If we are notified in advance that you won’t be participating, we will refund your entry fee. No refunds will be given in cases where we are not notified in advance that you will not be coming. If you paid after spaces are full, we will put your child on a waiting list. If space becomes available, s/he will be added to the tournament. If a space does not come available, we will refund your registration fees.

11.  What if I need to leave the tournament early and unexpectedly?

In the event that you decide to leave the tournament early, please notify a tournament director before leaving. Breaks for use of restroom do not need to inform the TD.

12.  What fundamental rules of chess should I know before participating?

You should know how the pieces move, including the details associated with castling, checking the King, promoting a pawn, and capturing “en passant.” You should be able to recognize an illegal move, as well as checkmate and stalemate. Championship Chess reserves the right to disqualify from further participation any student who clearly does not know the basic rules of the game. For example, we will disqualify someone who clearly doesn’t know how a Knight moves, or what is meant by “checkmate.” No refunds of any kind will be given to any player so disqualified. So please be certain that your child can play an entire game correctly according to the rules of chess before signing up for this tournament.

13.  Am I going to be required to keep score?

Scorekeeping (chess notation) will not be required, and we will not be furnishing score sheets, pens or pencils. Players may elect to keep score if they so choose, but they will need to bring their own scorekeeping equipment and must be able to notate their games without slowing down play. Scorebooks will be available at the Championship Chess booth prior to the tournament.

14.  Will I have to use a clock for my game?

No clocks will be used or required in any of these games.

15.  What should I do if I have a problem, or I don’t understand something?

If you have a problem or a question about anything during the game, you should raise your hand to summon a tournament director. This cannot be stressed too strongly. Do not take your opponent’s word for anything. Your opponent does not necessarily know the rules any more than you do. The tournament directors are here to answer questions and to solve problems, so please don’t hesitate to get them involved. Once a game is over and both players have agreed to a result, then that result is going to stand, and it is too late for the tournament directors to do anything.