Why Homeschool?

13 Aug 2014

Why would anybody in their right mind homeschool their children? Why would a person with a good education not work at a job that pays? Why would an adult do without the nice things that money can buy: the fun vacation, the in style clothes, the better automobile? Why would a mom stay home all day (and night) preparing, teaching, grading, planning, studying, recording, etc., instead of visiting, calling and enjoying friends? Why would a person devote all of her life to teaching her own children instead of letting someone who is trained do it? Why would a woman who hates science teach science? Why would bug collections and frog dissections be all over a person’s house? Why would a person who didn’t understand old literature and poetry in college suddenly get something out of it? Why would someone with sixteen years of education and two diplomas think they had to endure fifteen (or sixteen, at the rate we’re going) more years of education? Why, I ask, why?

My answer? I have no idea! Well, actually, I do. I know it is because God led me to do this. God gave me this job. He is my boss; I answer to Him. He provides needed materials and texts; He listens when I have concerns with my students; He guides the very words that come out of my mouth in my lessons; He reviews me and lets me know what I need to correct and pats me on the back when I get it right. And He pays me well, not as the world sees a paycheck but as heaven sees it.

One day this season will end. One day, all too soon, my children will have diplomas to verify their hard work, and I will have earned my teaching degree, yet will have no diploma to show for it. One day I’ll rejoin the work force that earns a paycheck (so that my children can continue their education further at a university!). I will be able to have new clothes and eat out more often. I will leave my job behind at the end of each day and will work only regular hours. Yet when that day comes, I will miss the hard work that this job has required of me. And I will look back on it and smile at all the good times we had together.

Why homeschool? God only knows! But I am so very glad He allows me to do it.

Thank you, God!

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Selina Murrell's picture

Yes indeed! One of my dear friends jokingly calls my two children my employers since it seems like I work for them! But as you said, homeschool is a family enterprise and our Heavenly Father owns it all. My husband is the President. I'm the VP. Working with God's grace, we both are training our daughter and son in an intensive internship to prepare them also to be co-workers for God's business. (The earth is the Lord's, right?) A lot of laughs, tears, and prayers mixed in, and there's fewer blessings than to prepare our children to stand out as leaders in the world by equipping them to stand up for the kingdom of God.
Thanks for sharing! S. Murrell Durham, NC

Pamela Thomas's picture

Thank you so much for this article. It touched me. I'm coming closer to the end of our family's season homeschooling. Our only son is graduating in 2015. I can say that I agree with your "Why ask Why?" and how good God has been through our journey.
P. Thomas, Raleigh, NC

Lynda Russell's picture

Thank you for your comment on my article in the Greenhouse. I know that I've never been alone in my journey even tho' many times I felt that I was. God bless you as you 'finish strong' - you've 'run a great race', I'm sure! And congratulations to your graduate. Even tho' the day I wrote this I was ready to throw in the towel, I have missed teaching tremendously this fall!