Ten Reasons You Should Attend the NCHE Annual Conference

1 Mar 2005

by Amelia Harper and Deborah Wuehler

1. You can gain new ideas and find creative resources. Many vendors reveal new products at the conference. You will find ideas that you have never seen!

2. You can examine curricula offerings first hand. There is no substitute for seeing a curriculum first-hand in order to predict your child’s reaction to it. A curriculum is much more successful if the child is motivated by it!

3. You can meet with old friends and make new ones. The conference is a great place to find kindred spirits! We all can use that kind of support.

4. You will hear and meet interesting speakers and authors of curricula. This is your chance to rub elbows with some of the country’s homeschooling leaders and benefit from their wisdom and experience.


5. You will be energized and motivated by the excitement of the event. Homeschooling can be a draining experience. The conference can renew your spirit and strengthen your commitment to home education. We catch excitement from each other!

6. You can gain knowledge that will help explain your position to skeptical friends and family members. As you tell others what you have seen and heard at the conference, they will be more likely to understand that homeschooling is a well-established, successful national movement.

7. You can learn more about political and legal homeschooling issues that relate to North Carolina. It is important to stay aware of important developments and challenges in the state in order to help protect homeschool freedoms.

8. You can encourage North Carolina homeschool leaders. Your state leaders are volunteers who work hard to help you all year long. Attending the conference and expressing your appreciation for it and for all their other hard work will encourage your state leaders.

9. You can save money by shopping more wisely and taking advantage of discounts. Some vendors offer special conference discounts. You also save the cost of shipping. Even you if you do not make purchases, comparing products and prices can save you money down the road, because you can evaluate how well the products will meet the needs of your family. The most cost-effective product is the one that works for you!

10. You can learn how to teach your own children more effectively. Even teachers need lessons now and then! Chances are that you have often wished you knew more about a particular educational issue. Our conference is the place to learn. You may even have the chance to get personal advice from nationally known homeschool leaders.



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