Surveying the Sites

3 Sep 2014

We’ve been busy surveying the Internet for websites that you will enjoy. Our goal is to provide something for everyone so we’ve organized these fun, informative, and educational websites into four categories. Have fun exploring!

Articles of Interest

“Planning a Homeschool Routine When You Are Homeschooling Multiple Children” by Sarah Dees
“I try to keep a structure going, but sometimes (often?) my house looks like a circus. It’s definitely a challenge to keep everyone on track, and I do not do a perfect job!” (SD)

“Stepping Outside the Grade Level Box” by Sarah Small
“… shedding our mental checklist of ‘what your child should know in each grade’ can be liberating—and tremendously beneficial to our kids.” (SS)

Teacher Feature

Pandora in the Classroom
Pandora is a free website that allows you to stream music, and this homeschool mom has put together a great list of instrumental stations that she uses for background sound during school. She has even put together stations whose music matches what they are studying. Great idea!

A Mother-Daughter Reading Club
What a great idea! Whether you are a reluctant reader or a book worm the idea of a book club with all your friends gathered to enjoy lively conversation might appeal to you. Plus, in a club setting, you may find that you enjoy reading books that you wouldn’t have otherwise chosen.

It’s Elementary

Boredom Busters for Kids
Keeping kids actively engaged when the weather keeps you indoors is quite the challenge. This site has twenty-five ideas that will bust boredom’s bubble and keep everyone entertained for a while. I can’t wait to try the balloon badminton. Which one do you like?

Thirty-Two Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids to Do
If you have a collection of colored pom-poms, plastic numbers, toys, coins, nature objects, photographs or other things, then you’ve got the makings of a fabulous scavenger hunt. Check out these fun scavenger hunt variations the whole family will enjoy.


High School and Beyond

American History Living Books
If you have a Kindle, or even an app on another device, you can access this free collection of American history books. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the website for links to other free history books.

Teach with Movies
Along with more than 390 learning guides, Teach with Movies has carefully selected feature films that will supplement your curriculum and enhance your students’ education. Their material is well organized and includes movies appropriate for every grade level. They even have a special section just for homeschoolers. 

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Steve Ashby's picture

Thank you for your commitment to the Home schoolers of North Carolina. Have you heard of or visited Landry Academy? The web address is I am an instructor for the academy and it offers many opportunities for home schoolers from Science, locational and English intensives, classes for middle and high school age students, mothers weekends, mission trips, summer camps and many more opportunities.

I offer this as a potential "Surveying the sites" link for the home schoolers of NC.