Surveying the Sites

8 May 2013

Not everyone has the time to scavenge around the Internet to find informative, fun, and educational websites for their family to enjoy. That’s why we offer this column. By dividing it into four sections, we work towards our goal—to provide something for everyone. We hope that you will enjoy what we’ve mined for you this month.

Articles of Interest

Curriculum Shopping by Maribeth Spangenberg

“As I approached the display of ‘goodies,’ and wanting to hide my enthusiasm so as not to appear childish, I took on a casual gait as I strolled halfway down one side of the table.” (MS)

A Reward Worth the Pain” by Timothy Palla

“People value those things which require the most personal sacrifice and endurance. Suffer through something and you communicate to others that it is worth the pain and agony to have it. Discard or leave something when times get tough, and you communicate that it held little value to you.” (TP)

Teacher Feature

We Give Books

Parents, promote literacy by instilling and combining a lifelong love for reading with a lifelong love for giving. This free website will assist you in meeting that goal; the more books your children read the more they are able to give books to those in need. It’s a win-win project for everyone.

American Heritage Education Foundation

Looking for something that will provide the factual and philosophical significance and meaning behind events, causes and effects of early U.S. History? AHEF writes, produces, and distributes free K-12 lesson plans in order to accomplish their patriotic mission. You won’t want to miss the offering of this foundation.

It’s Elementary

Art Is Fun

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned aficionado you will enjoy this colorful website. Articles and tutorials will fuel your passion for self-expression as you read, learn, and practice the beauty of art through painting and drawing.


Physics Quest

Super heroes help to solve physics problems with these story-based comic books and coloring books designed to get kids interested in the science of how their world works.

High School and Beyond

Kahn Academy

Whether you’re in grade school or beyond you will find that this free, self-paced learning tool is a great resource. Providing a series of tutorials, Kahn Academy offers an interactive, real time, dynamic system for helping each of their students. Once students create a custom profile their success can be tracked, measured and rewarded.

The Fumbletons

This archive of creative and entertaining videos puts the fun in learning those boring how-to tasks every household begrudgingly pursues. Enjoy family friendly humor as the awkward and quirky Fumbletons try, but just can’t seem to get anything right. In the end, however, you will learn how to boil eggs, clean shower doors, save money, and much more.

Note: Ideas and opinions expressed on the websites in this column are not necessarily those of the author or NCHE.


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