Jeff’s Journal: Serving All Homeschoolers

1 Nov 2000

I have changed the topic for this edition of Jeff’s Journal several times. I could not decide if I wanted to comment on the state and national elections, on the dramatic increase in the number of homeschoolers in North Carolina or just write about my children, Casey and Amy.

I finally decided to comment on the messages I have read concerning two “different types” of homeschoolers. I placed the phrase “different types” in quotations because I don’t like to use that phrase or any other label. I believe if we were to place each homeschool family into a specific category, we would have as many categories as we have homeschool families. It is this uniqueness that makes homeschool families so special. Each family is a little different from the next and each family educates their children a little different from the next. However, every family has the same basic goals. From the messages I have read, there seems to be one general theme to most of the comments and questions. The subject question has to do with where does NCHE stand regarding the different types of homeschoolers. With that said, I would like to address that question.

NCHE was organized in 1984 as a kind of statewide support group. The key purpose was to support and encourage home educators and to protect the right to freely home educate in North Carolina. NCHE does operate on the basis of biblical principles and NCHE welcomes members of all races, religions, and nationalities.

This means several things to me. First, the coard of directors of NCHE places all members into one category, families that want the best for their children. We feel that if you join NCHE, you have the best interests of your children in mind. The NCHE organization lists three primary objectives on our web page and in our brochures (1) To protect the freedom to educate children at home (2) To provide encouragement and support to families choosing home education for their children, and (3) To promote home education as an excellent educational alternative. These are the things we do as an organization. These are the reasons I wanted to serve as a board member.

I remember the first year we decided to homeschool our children. Just like most rookie homeschool parents, we were a little apprehensive. That’s an educated way of saying we were scared. We probably had the same questions every new homeschool parent has. The amazing thing was that the veteran homeschool families in our area stood by our sides and answered those questions. They helped us through that first year. After that, Cindy and I decided that we were going to help every homeschooler we could. This would be our way of paying back those that helped us. That is what I mean when I say that we place every homeschool parent in the same category. If someone calls our house, we don’t ask them if they attend church. We don’t ask them what color is there skin. We ask them to let us know how we can help.

That is what NCHE does as an organization. We are there to help everyone. This is without a doubt, one of the most open organizations I have ever been associated with in any capacity.

Now, there are certain traits that I try to incorporate into my everyday life, regardless of the situation. I don’t want to speak for the board on this issue, because this is not an NCHE issue, this is a personal issue. I am a Christian and I try to live my life so that it is obvious to everyone. This means that as I serve every homeschooler in North Carolina, I serve them as a Christian. If I am not treating everyone equally, then I am not acting as a Christian. If I am not treating every person with a loving caring attitude, then I am not acting as a Christian. These are my personal goals.

            I have a challenge to the readers. This organization was formed to protect, to provide and to promote. If you ever believe that this organization is not doing these three things listed as our objectives, please let me know, or someone on the board. If you feel that NCHE is not treating everyone equally or that NCHE does not have a loving and caring attitude, please let me know. We are here to serve everyone.

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