The Final Test: Or Is It?

1 May 2001

by Renee Driver

The long awaited letter had finally arrived - funny how one piece of mail could cause so much anxiousness in a household. We won’t mention the fact that the last few days I had been the one calling home to see if the mail had arrived. Now the question: do I steam it open to discover the results, resealing it carefully before my daughter arrives home? Isn’t it a mother’s duty to help shield even her young adult daughter from any disappointment that might come her way? Mind you, this is the only college she opted to apply to, the admission rate is low, and, in fact, there’s a waiting list. Doubts creeping into my mind, a thousand and one questions haunting my thinking, I felt that my reputation was at stake! Would I be among the successful homeschooling parents who, despite their own shortcomings, was able to put together a stellar portfolio that would impress the socks off any admissions counselor? Did we give her the proper tools to successfully score well enough on her SAT and ACT exams? What would she do if the college said no? Would she finish up at the local community college, get a job, or just stay home and continue to be part of the family while acquiring more skills and education? Would she be crushed? How would her siblings respond? Would she be relieved that the waiting was over and she could move on? Whatever the answer was, I would be fine with it—really! The last seventeen years had passed by so quickly, and while my husband and I felt she was equipped and ready to “meet the world,” we would hate to see her go. Chicago is so far away, but she would have relatives close by.

As I reflect on this time, I now know better. College isn’t the end all, nor does admission to any institution ultimately determine the self worth of an individual. Admission, or the lack of it, is not necessarily a reflection on how well we actually homeschooled our first born. From the day we began our homeschooling journey, we left the ultimate results in God’s hands, praying daily that God would draw us together as a family and show us the path our daughter should take. With that quiet confidence, I laid the unopened letter aside and prayed quietly. Trusting God, I knew that soon we all would rejoice in His leading one way or another.

Editors Note. This article was written before the letter from Moody was opened. We are happy to report that Andrea Driver has been accepted and will be attending Moody this fall.

Renee Driver and her husband, Tim, have 4 children and have always homeschooled. Renee is the director of the WWHEAT support group in Union Co. This year the Drivers will graduate their oldest child from homeschool.

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