Enrichment Activities for Students

While most student activities are locally based, NCHE sees a need for a few state-wide student activities. NCHE is proud to sponsor these activities for your students.

Academic Competition

Starting in 2014, NCHE will offer an online academic competition.

NC Page Program

For many years, homeschool teens have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the NC page program for the Governor’s office and NC House and Senate. NCHE helps to facilitate this opportunity for teens of NCHE member families by setting aside a week each year as homeschool week and providing help for those who wish to go on their own at other times.

Sports: The NCHE Athletic Commission

Sports is one of those things that is difficult, or impossible, for an individual homeschool family to do alone. We need the community, especially for team sports. The homeschool sports program has grown from just one or two basketball teams in the 90s to now include: boys baseball, boys & girls basketball, boys & girls cross country (individual & team), golf (individual & team), boys & girls soccer, boys & girls swimming (individual & team), and girls volleyball.

It is a goal of NCHE to provide homeschool athletes with the opportunity to participate on a high school level team similar to what they could experience if in a private or public school. To that end, we established North Carolinians for Home Education Athletic Commission (NCHEAC). NCHEAC operates under NCHE to provide leagues and tournaments in the traditional high school sports.